Thursday, April 14, 2011

86.1kg 5 weeks since leaving hospital

So its 5 weeks since I left hospital on March 11th. In two weeks I went from walking 200m with a walking stick and shaking so much that food nearly missed my lips on occasion, to walking 2km and doing much better. Now after 5 weeks my BP is steady, I walk 2-3km a day, sometimes twice a day, I am eating perfectly well and also I have maintained my hospital weight of 86.5kg. I did get into the 87's couple of days ago but now I am back. I am working to get under 85kg now.

We went to River Dance at the Regent last Saturday night, which was fantastic! But the theatre had stairs and I found I was remarkably weak, and they left me shaking. So I have pulled out the step enhancement for my Wii Balance board. Yesterday I just stepped up and down for 20 minutes in 2 x 10 minute sessions. This morning I jumped out of bed and could not walk! My calf muscles were killing me LOL. Well seems I achieved something then. I'll do 2 more sessions again today.

I feel ready for full time work, but the doctors seem to think I feel better than I am. I do still get visual disturbances, and I am still building strength, but I am close. I'd love to change my lifestyle though...and not work full-time for the corporates. I have my thinking cap on but I don't think there are many options.

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