Friday, April 1, 2011

1st April Bored

I am getting bored. I do a 2km 30 min walk a day. I watch 2 TV shows. I have been doing alot around the house. My PC is not ready for the software I need to do my online training course yet - hopefully soon.

I think I need to start the swimming. in my boredom I keep thinking about food. but I need to lose weight so I should focus on moving.

9.30am up/breakfast
10am Walk dogs
10.30am Laundry/kitchen
11am - 1pm TV time/lunch/forums/bills
1.30pm Swimming
3pm Shower
4pm Dinner prep

Somewhere fit in the online course
Consider scanning old photos into PC so I have scanned copies, upload into FLICKR and get a backup CD
Consider getting back into photo-scrapbooking, it's creative would have fun finding bits and pieces
Consider volunteer work
FOCUS on health and fitness
Consider focus on friendships
**Need to get resume ready**

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