Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20th April Wed - 87.7kg

So weight is becoming more challenging and I am having to be more and more careful. I need to focus on getting under 85kg. I had my hypertension specialist check-up yesterday. My blood pressure is being well managed with the medication I am on - atacan 32 in the morning, psysiotens 200 and cardisan at night. Better than taking the 5 tablets I was first put on.

The interesting thing was Malcolm C exclaimed a number of times how seriously ill I had been, just as the neurologists did. Considering these people work with people in hospital all the time, I must have stood out in how ill I was - not sure how or why. All I remember was I was so incredibly weak I slept for 24 hours a day, waking for doctors, nurses, and hubby and son. I lost most of my sight at one stage, I was constantly nauseous during the peak of it - for about 2 weeks which was awful, my headaches were unbearable for a time but I had morphine for that. Anyway, Malcolm also kept saying how great it was to see the healthy me and to see me so much better. He said to take it easy, that I am typical of people in my age group who still think they are invincible and we are not.

Anyway, since these specialists keep exclaiming about how seriously ill I was back then, I will forgive myself for being a bad sick person and not caring if I died. I felt so bad thinking that. I told my family I thought I would be one of those women in the magazines - she never complained and she never gave up, she fought so hard to live. And there I was not caring if I died. I was shocked at myeslf but it was how I felt.

I'm off to meet Deb for lunch today and really looking forward it.

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