Monday, April 25, 2011

Still 87.7kg Easter Monday

On Sat I did heaps of exercise, ate very carefully, and still no change in weight. Sun I did no exercise, ate normally - no change to weight. Today the same weight, took the dogs for a 35 minute walk 5km ph average pace. I enjoy the dog walks, though wish I could walk faster so I could keep up with my guy. At the same time I know I can't over do it. and to go faster I would really have to push myself. Tried jogging but it hurt my knees for the first time. What I enjoy is the trees and all the birds in them. There are sulphur crested cockatoos, many others and even my favourite, lots of kookaburras too.

Making a Tuscan beef Stew for dinner, its from George from Master Chef's book, its a good, relaxed, easy book with nice home cooking. I have browned the beef,and the pancetta, added in garlic, thyme, bay leaves, put in white and red wine...hopefully its nice.

My sister sent me this its a neurologists observations as she had a stroke, very interesting.

I'm doing ok, less shaking and visual issues, quite the exception these days. Need to work out my way forward.

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