Thursday, March 31, 2011

86.2kg Thursday

I'm shopping on my own, cooking, vacuuming without a problem. But my visions gets weird, almost like I am right on the brink of going cross-eyed, out of focus a fair bit...mostly when I bend down and come back up again, but at other times too. My eyes prefer natural light to artificial light. I can walk around the shops (like Myer and DJs) but my vision suffers after a while. My hands are still tingly, tend to get pins and needles while I sleep, and are shaky...sometimes my whole body gets shaky if I am standing for more than 10 minutes.

I'm doing alot around the house. Monday I went to Chadstone, did a thorough look at Myer and DJs and Tuesday went to the shop then to the fruit and veg shop, then to the dog park, then to the bank, then to the post office to pay medical bills and to the bank, back to the post office (I forgot to put enough $ in my eftpos), to the butcher...and realised I had done way too much. So I am taking it easy, but my vision is a bit worse today. Seeing the Neuro on Monday.

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