Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday 27th March - Doing ok 86.6kg

Doing ok. Maintaining weight, not reducing, but exercising every day and now doing 2km not 200m - in 2 weeks, I'm pretty happy about that. My hands still tingle, but less than they have been. Yesterday was talking to a neighbour and she remarked shocked at how I was shaking - and I was, and I was just standing in her driveway chatting. That was disappointing. But I can cook and do all chores around the house. sometimes my head gets woozy, but not often and it is not disabling.

Blood pressure is ok, unless I forget a tablet. so I am learning to remember to take them at good regular times.

Tried on some clothes that are in the spare room and I fit into them perfectly...some things are too baggy. I have a need for clothes now - I have baggy stuff to wear to but nothing fitted and some of the baggy stuff is a bit ridiculously baggy.

Some days I get bored and a bit blue but mostly I have heaps to do. I think I miss human interaction. But I am also pushing away people who want to see me and I need to stop doing that.

Overall, I'm doing pretty well. if I could get the shaking to stop I'd be happier. And reduce my weight!

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