Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its been a while. Back from hospital - Monday 15th March - 85.9kg

I started the year just a smidge under 100kg. Now I am 86kg. On 21th Jan 2011 I got sick with the flu, on 4th Feb I was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks - high blood pressure, weak, migraines requiring morphine via a drip, vomiting. Suspected that I had meningitis or a pneumonia virus, got sent home to rest and recover. I got seriously worse, 25th Feb admitted to a different hospital, vomiting, headaches, incredibly weak, losing vision. After two lumber punctures confirmed I had an unusual case of meningitis, inflammation around the brain. Suspected a complication of my flu. Spent 5 weeks in hospital that time (Total 8 weeks since first getting sick and going to hospital), had a 14 day course IV treatment. Sent home, ETA best case 4 weeks minimum to recover enough to consider working part time. Recovery may take a month or 12 months. Cause of my meningitis is not known, suspected a virus, but I broke all the rules and so recovery time is unknown. treatment was for the HSV Virus caused meningitis that I did not have, but it seemed to help me. Am on medication to keep blood pressure in check. Got home 11th March - Friday.

Went to supermarket with someone, so weak, too hard. Fell over a warning buoy and sent it flying. Tried to vacuum the floorboards, could only do a tiny bit and had to stop. shake when having a shower. Tried to cook a simple meal, shook, weak, sweating ,had to keep sitting down. Seems I can make a tea, put some clothes in the washing machine and that is it. Frustrating. Does not make sense to me. 8 weeks being in bed, they say I have lost muscle and this causes the shaking (like Parkinson's sufferers). Went and had coffee, went to put some of the foam in my mouth and the spoon shook so much I could not do it.
yesterday walked a bit around local shopping centre with walking stick. Got tired but did ok. Felt stronger Mon than Fri.

Today is Monday.
Had a shower, made my bed, fed the dogs and cats, put a load of washing on, made a coffee, found my finance book, started this blog. Its lunchtime.
Have not tried to walk to local park yet
Have lost a fair bit of weight since earlier in Jan
Can walk from car to Greek restaurant - maybe 150m.

I think I am improving already. Was not as shaky drying myself after my shower today compared to two ays ago.
Went to the supermarket with someone, and was not as weak as I was when I went on Friday.
Made a curry, had someone cut up ingredients for me - I did all the cooking, stirring, peeled 4 potatoes and cut them up.
5pm, tired but have not slept during today.

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